Investment Calculator

Our handy investment calculator will show you how your money can grow over time. Fill in your initial investment and expected contributions to get an estimate of how fast your money can grow.

How to Use the Investment Calculator

Fill in the required fields and click on the “Calculate” button to see the results.

Here’s what each of the fields means:

  • Starting amount: the initial amount you plan to invest.
  • Regular contribution amount: how much do you plan to invest on a regular basis.
  • Contribution frequency: how often are you going to make contributions.
  • Contributions made at: are you planning on making contributions at the beginning or end of each period selected in the previous step.
  • Rate of return: what rate of return do you expect to get on your investment.
  • Interest Compounds: the compounding frequency of interest.
  • Years to grow: how many years do you plan to hold the assets you invested in.

Once you hit that ‘Calculate’ button you’ll get your results. Here’s what each of the results means:

  • Investment Balance: total money in your investment account.
  • Total Contributions: the total amount you contributed to your investments after the starting amount.
  • Total Interest Earned: the total amount of interest earned on your investment.

Clicking on the ‘Reset’ button will remove all existing entries and re-start the investment calculator.

That’s it! Have fun calculating your returns!