Looking for job opportunities where you can receive immediate payment for a hard day’s work? If you’re interested in jobs that pay daily with no special requirements, look no further.

We’ve combed hundreds of job descriptions on Indeed and similar sites in pursuit of suitable postings.

👉 Note: Although they do pay daily, positions like Front Desk Agent, Receptionist, Housekeeper, and Guest Agent were excluded from this list because they require job certificates and prior experience.

1. Warehouse Employee

💰 ($14 – $22 an hour)

Amazon is, without a doubt, the biggest employer of warehouse workers in the US in 2024. As an Amazon Warehouse Associate or Sorter, your main job involves selecting, packing, and shipping orders and receiving and sorting inventory. Amazon has both full-time and seasonal positions.

Both Amazon and Target offer daily pay programs – Amazon Anytime Pay and Target DailyPay, respectively – which allow you to transfer your payment to your debit card at any time before payday.

2. Taxi Driver

💰 ($15 – $22 an hour)

If you have a car and enjoy driving it, you can make a living by driving other people for money. Being a taxi driver can be a drastically different experience depending on where you live, but it usually pays off, especially if you’re looking for cash tips, daily payments, and other instant pay types.

Registering your car as an independent taxi service provider involves jumping through more than a few hoops, but existing taxi providers like Uber provide a quick alternative. For same-day payments, you should look for job postings by Gett, Lyft, and Curb, in addition to their main competitor.

Uber’s competitive advantage is that you can cash out your earnings up to 5 times a day.

3. Delivery Driver

💰 ($12 – $25 an hour)

Delivery drivers are always in high demand. If you are from a bustling urban area, you can pick an employer based on rate or industry. The median hourly pay varies from state to state, but delivery workers typically earn more than decent tips.

Some of the best-paying delivery driver jobs in 2024 are:

  • Postmates
  • DoorDash
  • Uber Eats
  • Instacart
  • GrubHub
  • Shipt Shopper
  • Saucey
  • Caviar
  • Favor

All these delivery services pay out daily in cash in one of two ways: directly or via instant pay and cash apps, which can involve a small fee for daily withdrawals. They also have great perks and incentives, such as rideshare options, order batches, average tip rates, and the possibility to choose orders.

4. Electric Bike Delivery

💰 ($12 – $20 an hour)

If you don’t mind driving long hours but don’t own a car, an e-bike is a great alternative. There are many employers of e-bike delivery drivers nationwide, primarily pizzerias and take-out restaurants. Positions are both part-time and full-time, and they pay well.

Since you’re looking for same-day pay jobs, pay attention to how these employers define pay types. Sometimes, e-bike delivery drivers are paid bi-weekly or weekly but can count on daily cash tips. In many other cases, they receive daily pay after each shift, plus what they earn in cash tips.

5. Bookstore Associate

💰 ($16 – $19 an hour)

Even though bookstore associates are typically not paid daily, the Hudson Group currently has several openings for this position in different locations, including Nashville, Denver, and Atlanta. Hudson is North America’s leading travel retailer, so you’d work in an airport bookstore.

A bookstore associate is expected to be able to locate books, suggest titles, handle cash payments, and shelve and organize books. A faculty diploma is not needed, but basic knowledge of classic, modern, and specialized literature is preferable, as well as a love for reading and passion for books.

Hudson offers excellent employee benefits, including a $300 hiring bonus and discounts.

6. Retail Store Associate

💰 ($15 – $20 an hour)

Many retailers in the country offer associate jobs with daily pay. Some are franchises of big national employers, while others are small local businesses. Wages are somewhat different, but the requirements are more or less the same: a high school diploma or equivalent.

In addition to that, employees are expected to have good organizational and people skills. The role of a retail associate usually includes sales, so cashier work and payment processing are also part of the job description. In return, employees get health insurance, paid vacation, and paid sick days.

Another positive aspect of this role is that it offers career advancement opportunities.

7. General Store Team Member

💰 ($13 – $16 an hour)

Available nationwide, the position of a general store team member is typically open to anyone older than 16. Other than the age limit, many employers have only one job requirement: a positive mindset that allows you to communicate with different types of people and work well in a team.

While the hourly rate is considered low even for low-paying jobs, the benefits are more than acceptable. You will usually get paid leave, health insurance, and employee discounts. Larger employers may offer tuition reimbursement, 401(k) matching, and other benefits. On the downside, you work long shifts with no break, often on physically demanding tasks.

8. Cashier

💰 ($9 – $15 an hour)

The hospitality industry has a great need for detail-oriented cashiers. It’s a daily paid job, almost by definition, but the hourly rate is not the best: only $9 at some places. The good news is that you should be able to find a job as a cashier anytime and anywhere, especially in bigger cities.

The best-paid cashier jobs are in popular restaurants and luxury resorts.

Cashiers earn up to $6 per hour in cash tips in many restaurants, but that depends on the venue location and shift.

9. Server/Waiter/Waitress

💰 ($5 – $25 an hour)

This is probably the most popular instant-pay job of all time, and not without a good reason. It requires no education and minimum skills, and it pays well. There’s a chance to earn a decent work’s monthly salary in one busy night due to tip volume and frequency, and it is fun for the young and outgoing.

But don’t get the wrong impression: being a server is hard work.

The 10+ hour shifts are almost all legwork, and work hours can throw you off your work-life balance in just a couple of weeks. For big tips, you must be available for night shifts, weekends, and holidays. The benefits often include health insurance, paid leave, and free drinks.

10. Barista/Attendant

💰 ($15 – $25 an hour)

High-end coffee houses offer baristas generous wages but have strict hiring criteria. Even so, they don’t require special education, certificates, or skills. To become a coffee barista in an elite coffee shop, you only need to be a fast learner with a positive attitude and excellent people skills.

The role of a Coffee Attendant is similar but less defined and usually paid slightly less.

As a coffee attendant, you’d be tasked with educating guests on the offer and preparing and serving baked goods, beverages, and ice cream. Unlike a barista, it’s an entry-level, jack-of-all-trades position, meaning that attendants are responsible for everything from solving customer complaints to cleaning.

11. Fast Food Crew Member

💰 ($15 – $17 an hour)

Fast food kitchens operate differently than restaurants, so they don’t need as many qualified cooks. The rest of the team consists of multitaskers: crew members responsible for greeting guests, taking orders, handling payments, and helping with food preparation and serving.

But like in a traditional kitchen, this is a fast-paced environment where employees are expected to pick up others’ tasks and communicate well with the rest of the team. Complete benefits, employee referral programs, hiring bonuses, and opportunity to move up make fast-food jobs attractive.

12. Dishwasher

💰 ($10 – $12 an hour)

Every professional kitchen needs a fast and nimble dishwasher. In many restaurants, this job comes with all the usual benefits like health insurance, paid leave, and a 401(k), in addition to daily payments of over $10 an hour. Plus, it opens the door to career advancement in the hospitality industry.

Many dishwashers are also charged with taking out the trash and helping with physical tasks in the kitchen, such as organizing inventory and cleaning. Elite restaurants, hotels, and resorts sometimes pay over $12 an hour, but they expect at least some experience in hospitality and restaurant positions.

13. Dog Walking/Sitting

💰 ($15 – $24 an hour)

If you love animals and know your way around pets, you can get paid daily to walk or sit dogs. There are two ways to obtain this position. You can go through an agency or look for personal job postings. An agency will be willing to pay you more, but it may require some experience as a pet sitter.

Dog walking and sitting imply part-time and contractual work, as well as late-night, weekend, and holiday availability. You might also be asked to pick up the dog or drive the dog to the vet, but not all employers will cover you for gas. Job descriptions vary greatly, so read them carefully.

Other than a flexible schedule, there are no other employee benefits.

14. Survey Sites

💰 ($0.40 – $2 an hour)

The easiest and most popular way to get daily cash online is by completing paid surveys. In a nutshell, survey sites are owned by data-collecting companies that sell market insights to professional marketers and businesses. It’s like joining a paid test group but without any potential risk.

The best survey sites that pay daily in 2024 are:

Despite being a below-average paid job, survey taking takes some time to get ahold of. There are numerous fake survey sites that will never pay you for your time. Also, many legit sites won’t let you redeem your earnings until you pass a certain number of points, which add up slowly.

15. Playing Games

💰 ($0.50 – $2 per hour)

Like survey taking, the game-playing online gig is an easy way to make a few extra bucks if you already like playing games. However, it is a hustle with measly pay, with only $2 per hour for the most dedicated players. The best site for getting paid for playing games at the moment is Mistplay.

It’s impossible to earn a living with this job, and you don’t get any benefits. Playing games for money might be fun, but it still requires lots of time and commitment. If you’re an avid gamer and good at it, too, beta testing for games is a much better job opportunity, with hourly rates of up to $15.

Some of these sites, such as Swagbucks, will pay you to search the web and test apps as well.


While online work and home employment used to be top-paying opportunities in the past, this is no longer the case, at least not when trying to get hired fast with no special qualifications. In-person positions are much more frequent in recent job postings, especially in the hospitality industry.

The best-paying jobs where you can cash out at the end of the day are the roles of Delivery Driver, Server, Coffee Barista, and Dog Walker/Sitter. As a bonus, they all ensure generous cash tips on top of daily pay and excellent employee benefits like health insurance and paid leave.

Good luck with your job hunting!

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