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🎯 Do you want to know how to invest like value investing legends such as Ben Graham, Warren Buffett, & Charlie Munger?
📊 Do you want to know how to value a stock?
📉 Do you want to know how to limit your exposure to risk and protect yourself from losses?
💡 Do you want to know where the best places to find great investments are?
🧠 Do you want to know how to think like a value investor?

The Ultimate Guide to Value Investing book

These were all questions I had when I started my journey into the world of value investing nearly a decade ago. Since then, I’ve read everything I could about value investing – from popular works like Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Letters to hidden gems like Crist on Value.

I’ve also listened to countless interviews with value investing legends like Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Howard Marks, and Leon Cooperman; I’ve had discussions with experienced and successful investors, and I’ve honed my own skills in the stock market.

I was really excited to write this book and it’s definitely something I wish existed when I first got involved with investing. My goal in writing it was to have everyone be able to learn something new from reading it – whether you’ve never opened a brokerage account before or if you run your own hedge fund. I hope I’ve succeeded.

Now, I’ve packaged everything I know into one amazing book: The Ultimate Guide to Value Investing.

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Value investing ebook

What You’ll Learn

Throughout the 169 pages of The Ultimate Guide to Value Investing, you’ll learn:

  • What value investing is,
  • What value is not,
  • How and why value investing was developed,
  • Why you should care about value investing in the first place,
  • Who the most famous value investors are,
  • What specific investing strategies these superstar value investors employ,
  • The meaning of essential value investing terms like Mr. Market, intrinsic value, and margin of safety,
  • How to value a stock,
  • What kinds of companies and investments value investors look for,
  • Where the best places to find great value investments are,
  • And most importantly – how to start thinking like a value investor.

Table of Contents:

Take a look at the topics covered in each chapter.

  • Preface: The Young Man & The Old Prospector
  • 1: Introduction
  • 2: The Foundations
  • 3: What is Value Investing?
  • 4: Famous Value Investors
  • 5: Essential Value Investing Concepts
  • 6: How to Value a Stock
  • 7: The Qualities of Great Companies
  • 8: Behavioral Finance
  • Conclusion: Where to Find Value?
  • Appendix I: The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville
  • Appendix II: The Magic of Compound Interest
  • Appendix III: Merger Arbitrage
  • Appendix IV: Warren Buffett’s Investments: The Great, the Good, and the Gruesome

About the Author

Dillon Jacobs

Dillon Jacobs is a passionate value investor who believes in the fundamental principles of Superinvestors like Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Ben Graham, Peter Lynch, and many more. His career has taken him to many destinations around the globe, and he has lived in both Asia and Europe.